DV-B Overview of products

The wide range of applications demand an equally wide variety of slewing bearings. The most characteristic features which distinguish each bearing series are the type of raceway and the gearing. The size of rolling elements and the raceway diameter are also given in the bearings’ designation. In addition to ball and roller slewing bearings we manufacture gear rims and gear segments. All these can be offered with a matching set of drive components (e.g. pinions and pinion shafts) or fastening elements such as special bolts.

L1 series (Single-row ball slewing bearings with flange)

Single-row ball slewing bearings with flange are often referred to as the “light series”.

K1 series (Single-row ball slewing bearings)

Single-row ball slewing bearings are the most commonly used slewing bearings.

K2 series (Double-row ball slewing bearings)

DV-B double-row ball slewing bearings are usually manufactured as eight-point contact bearings with two symmetrical ball raceways.

R3 series – Triple-row roller slewing bearings

Slewing bearings in our R3 series have the highest static and dynamic load capacity thanks to their three roller raceways (one supporting, one retaining and one radial raceway).

X1 series (Crossed-roller slewing bearings)

All slewing bearings in the X1 series are crossed-roller bearings.

Gear rims

Gear rims are toothed rings, which, in contrast to gear wheels, do not sit directly on an axle, but are usually screwed to a component with the help of fastening bores.


In addition to gear rims and geared slewing bearings, we can design and supply the matching pinions following the load capacity calculation.

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