Slewing bearings in Antennas

Antenna applications require bearings that have a high degree of precision and accuracy in terms of both axial and radial runout as well as operating in an even and smooth motion.

DV-B is able to record precise and individual bearing-specific measurements. This can include extended testing when necessary. In addition to measuring the general bearing dimensions, the test protocol can include measurements of the axial and radial runout, accuracy of the gearing, the slewing torque, the repeat accuracy, as well as a wobble measurement, depending on the customers testing requirements.

Antenna size dictates the type of slewing bearing used. Smaller antennas are often equipped with preloaded ball or crossed-roller slewing bearings, whereas larger antennas can also see the use of triple-row roller slewing bearings.

Depending on the drive concept, slewing bearings are equipped with an internal, external or without gearing. Due to the high demand in accuracy the gear is typically ground to reach a higher quality.

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